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Beaudesert Bowls Club had experienced an injection of youth in recent weeks with over 20 students from Beaudesert High School learning the finer points of lawn bowls from local club members each Wednesday.
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The students have been put their pacesby local members Carole and John Stubbings and Annette and Cedric Musch, with Annette telling The Beaudesert Times the club is thrilled to see the students who are made of mostly from years 10 and 11 enjoying the game.

“It’s good for the club, we enjoy having them here, they’ve seemed to really enjoy playing and they have all been very well behaved,” she said.

“We sit them down when they first arrive and tell them the do’s and don’ts and everything but the main thing we tell them is just to have fun and enjoy playing.”

Annette who regularly plays in competitions at clubs outside of the Beaudesert area said she is hopeful that some of the students, who will continue playing on Wednesdays until the school holidays, will continue on with the sport.

“You often see younger players at different clubs when you go to competitions at the coast but we don’t have any younger players here,” she said.

“We hope they keep playing once they finished here with the school.”

Annette said she was just glad that some of the younger generation considered Lawn Bowls a fun game to play and compete in.

“In previous years bowls was the student’s third or fourth choice but this group seem really interested in being here which is good,” she said.

Students get out on the green top | Photos This is fun: Blaire Watt, Rhys Spears, John Schuch, and Reece White (back) get into some lawn bowls at Beaudesert Bowls Club with Kyle Large and Patrick Morgan (front).

Not bad: Annette Musch and John Stubbings pass on some advice.

Cedric Musch watches on as a Beaudesert High School student has a bowl.

John Stubbings explains the scoring system to students from Beaudesert State High.

John Stubbings explains the scoring system to students from Beaudesert State High.

John Stubbings explains the scoring system to students from Beaudesert State High.

Cedric Musch observes a student as he bowls an attempt.

Ready to bowl: Kyle Large, Blaire Watt, Rhys Spears, Josh Schuh, Patrick Morgan and Reece White.

Annette Musch advises students on how to set up their next game.

Beaudesert High Students listen as the scoring system is explained

Josh Schuh send a bowl down toward the jack.

Rhys Spears lines up an attempt.

Dominique Hagen lines up her shot.

Jordan Ott throws his bowl toward the jack.

Aleesha Veasey and Taylor Crepin enjoyed trying their hands at lawn bowls.

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