Palace complains over story of Queen backing Brexit

​1. Palace complains over ‘Queen backs Brexit’ story
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I’ll get to politics in a minute but huge ructions in Britain after the nation woke up to this extraordinary story in The Sun.  Queen backs Brexit – p1 tomorrow pic.twitter南京夜网/ioIfa9GpbK— Tony Gallagher (@tonygallagher) March 8, 2016The first ever IPSO complaint by Buckingham Palace involving her Majesty the Queen over the Sun’s front page— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) March 9, 20162. Can-do Campbell’s Canberra comeback?

Okay now to federal politics. Could you hear the raucous laughter descending from Queensland last night?

That was the sound of all the Labor people you know physically rubbing their hands together while shrieking with glee at the thought of Campbell Newman making a tilt at federal politics and running for the seat of Brisbane being vacated by Teresa Gambaro. The front page of tomorrow’s The Courier-Mail. pic.twitter南京夜网/PTqHqas7ev— The Courier-Mail (@couriermail) March 9, 2016

The unpopular (make that loathed) Newman was booted from office only a year ago after just one term and lost his own seat to match.  So while the former Queensland Premier is high-profile, he’s not exactly star-candidate material.

I had a chat to Pat O’Neill, the Labor candidate and he seemed in chirpy spirits about the prospect of a battle with Newman.

I’ll just leave this here. #auspolPosted by Pat O’Neill on  Wednesday, 9 March 2016Contrary to some reports in the media I haven’t made any announcements in relation to any political intentions . Will do tomorrow 10am.— Tony Windsor (@TonyHWindsor) March 9, 2016Donald Trump lauds Australian golfer Adam Scott in victory speech via @FinancialReview— John Kehoe (@Johnkehoe23) March 9, 2016

The last line of Kehoe’s piece quoting a CNN commentator wondering if she’s watching a political or advertising campaign rings especially true after watching this mash-up of The Donald.

(And after another episode of House of Cards last night I think we can safely say it’s back to it’s S1 and S2 glory). 5. ISIS commander “likely killed”

Islamic State’s so-called Minister of War was killed in an airstrike last week, US officials believe.

It’s very difficult to confirm deaths in Iraq and Syria though, remember how Australian officials thought notorious Sydney jihadist Khaled Sharrouf was taken out?  Several months later he turned out to be possibly still alive.  6. Amen to Aldi

Generally speaking I’m a huge fan of technological disruption but there are some things machines should never replace and customer service is one of them.

As a former Big W “checkout chick” I know my way around a barcode and a till but all that ever seems to happen to me at self-service checkouts is I manage to bork the whole thing up and stand there waiting for ages while a harried-looking attendant comes to unfreeze my terminal.

Of course this takes up far more time than it would have for someone to smile, chat about the weather, dunk my groceries in a bag and hand me the receipt after I’ve tapped my credit card. So I’m in full agreement with German grocery giant Aldi.​

Unlike its local supermarket rivals, Aldi thinks self-service checkouts are a complete waste of time.Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald on  Tuesday, 8 March 2016This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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